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Circontrol, founded in 1997, is a mobility and emobility manufacturer company that uses its own technology where innovation is a constant challenge. Since 2006, Circontrol has developed an important career in international markets focusing 80% of its overall production.  Circontrol is a renowned company and an industry leader.

Circontrol has designed an efficient parking management global system that includes guidance system (indoor and outdoor), LED lighting system, electric vehicle charging solutions; all this is managed with CirPark SCADA platform. The combination of these products helps the customer find empty spaces quickly, reducing the stress, saving time and fuel, reducing risks and improving mobility inside the parking area. On the operational side, these solutions reduce maintenance and management costs while increasing customer’s loyalty.

Circontrol parking solutions have been installed in over 450 car parks worldwide and many more car parks are choosing Circontrol solutions.

C/Innovacio 3
Pol Ind Can Mitjans
Viladecavalls, Barcelona 08223

Telephone +34 93 736 29 40
Fax +34 93 736 29 41    

Contact person
Anna Brullet   
Communication Manager

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