Airport Parking Network Event 22 - 24 November 2020 - Location To Be Announced Soon You are Invited!

12th edition
Parking Network Event
Car & Away Ltd

Car & Away Ltd

The Car & Away Offering

Our offering will consist of two components: Airport and Neighborhood operations. While the two are separate customer propositions, they work perfectly together to fuel growth. Our airport operations attract both owners and renters through delivering disruptive and attractive alternatives to park or rent a car. It also provides a parking capacity solution for airports where we can grow their parking capacity at zero cost. Every car rented frees up space, which the airport can re-sell. This has already created a loyal customer base and developed a leading brand reputation through Trustpilot® - 9.8/10 – 1st in Airport Parking and 3rd in Car Rental.

Our Operations

Car & Away have two live operations at Gatwick and Bristol Airports with more on the way. We are in our second year of operation at Gatwick and have been live since the 2nd September 2019. We are an official parking product at each operation which helps us to engage with and understand the needs of our airport partners.

Driving Growth

At Car & Away we believe that the customer experience is the central motivation for every decision we make. While car rental companies have long been engaged in a race to the bottom, it is for our focus on customers that have enabled us to rise to the top.

1 Hotspur Lane
High Wycombe
HP10 0AA
United Kingdom

+44 1293 569 106

Contact Person
Nick Horne 

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